1 planning

One of the purposes of this guide is to show Jacksonville citizens just how easy it is to get out on the water, and just how many kayak and canoe launches are accessible in areas you might never have guessed. But just because we are blessed with great access to the water does not mean you don’t have to plan for your trip.

The first stage in planning a trip should always be safety. Please read our paddling safety section before going out on any trip. Once you have properly planned for safety, you can move on to the fun part, choosing where to go! We have highlighted just a few possible paddling routes in our trails section. This section provides the starting point, ending point, and travel route for many great sections of the guide. We have also provided GPS coordinates for key spots along the water in case you go exploring on your own.

No matter which route you choose though, make sure to inform someone who will not be paddling with you that day of your plans.